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At Lumina, we aspire to open an accessible and inclusive space for all creatives to take part in the enjoyment of art, publication, and community. Our aim is to be an ever-evolving hub for creative expression, fueled by the desire to represent, support, and empower those who endeavor to share their work, whether for the first time or the hundredth. 


The Lumina team values experimental, forward-thinking, and genre-bending works that spotlight each creator’s distinctive voice and experiences. We welcome writing and art that excites, radicalizes, and showcases a genuine appreciation for craft. Our editors invite submitters to have fun, explore new variations of themselves, delve into unknown realms, and emerge with intentional work that, regardless of publication outcomes, they are proud of.


Note: No depictions of egregious violence, referenced case by case. More in general submissions requirements.

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