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Sylvester Kwakye

         “Once in a while, I remind myself that I’m an Asante

  by checking if my R/L still works. Last Sunday at church,

    I said “crose your eyes, and let’s recite the Lord Player”

        -@AkhuaFlair, X

We scope a morsel of happiness

when mummy is angry.


her ancestral tongue

fills her gloominess.


it whirs between

the generous fjord of her diastema;


she makes mistakes she’s not

aware of


we keep laughing at her

as she shouts save me Rord.


but who said God didn’t hear her?

she goes about unbothered


she knows what she’s done.

a pool of her genes and ancestry


revolts on our literate tongue

in unconscious moment


especiarry when I’m giving a speech

& I have to plonounce a word right.


my glammar remains intact

under the duress of ethnic spell


& like my mom, now, I, too care less

because who at all gets angly


when the audience is happy

ristening to you speak

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