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VOL. 19

Dear Reader,


Whether you are meeting Lumina Journal for the first time—or the nineteenth—we are happy you are here. After a long hiatus, we are proud to relaunch this journal with the support of our staff, spectacular contributors, and readers, all of whom continue to illuminate our reentry into the literary sphere.


Etymologically, Lumina is not singular, but plural. A collective. A coalescence. Each beam empowering an aperture to reveal new perspectives—in order to get to, we must often go through. In emerging from a season of rest, our focus has been on fostering community, providing new opportunities for editors, and identifying diverse, distinctive, and experimental work. Our magazine aims not only to honor contributors’ works but to support staff, authors, and artists in every iteration of their creative lives.


We seek to serve as a pathway, an outstretched hand: to spotlight a variety of perspectives at the vanguard of creative expression—openings that take us to the familiar and the unknown in unique, new ways.


In approaching this issue, we joyously embarked on a journey of artistic discovery, encouraging creators to reach out and participate in the revival. What they had to offer undoubtedly strengthened Lumina’s collective voice. Volume 19 of Lumina Journal contains nine poems, three speculative fiction pieces, four nonfiction pieces, four fiction pieces, and eight visual art pieces.


Thank you to our lovely contributors for trusting us with your work; we appreciate you more than you know. We extend our gratitude to our readers; they played a crucial role in evidencing the vast appreciation for creativity that exists in our world. To our Program Director, Paige Ackerson-Kiely, and Assistant Director, Madeleine Mori—who supported us through the revival of Lumina—you have our most sincere thanks. In addition, Lumina’s reemergence would not have been possible without Lily Andrews and Jessica Lynne, who kickstarted this endeavor. Moreover, we are so very thankful for our team, one full of fiery, passionate, and empathetic readers, writers, and editors. We will always cheer you on loudly, and we know you will continue to do phenomenal things.


With gratitude and elation,


The Managing Editors

Catalina Irigoyen & Amanda Pendley


Better Estates Center for the Betterment of Afflicts

Zac Walsh

When I began volunteering at the Better Estates Center for the Betterment of Afflicts (BECBA) no one could’ve convinced me I would one day be who I am now...


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